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South Kilvington C of E Academy

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Design and Technology


  • To allow children to develop skills and understanding of techniques, and to put them into real life contexts.
  • Give children a strong understanding of the importance of following instructions to be safe.
  • For adults to make links when developing DT skills, to real life, and for children to understand the importance and relevance of these life skills.
  • For children to see the bigger picture that links DT to science, technology, food, engineering, architecture, maths through teachers exploring and exploiting cross curricular links through the Big Ideas topics.
  • To support children to understand the uses and implications of design and food technology, today and in the future.
  • To nurture independence and encourage children to ask questions about the world they live in.


  • Following the Kapow Curriculum teachers plan lessons which carefully plan for progression and depth
  • Teaching and learning should plan for practical opportunities
  • Children gain skills in safe use of tools though progressive planning of Forest school curriculum
  • Additional support in place for SEN and disadvantaged pupils to enable them to access the curriculum at the appropriate level.
  • Children have opportunities to reflect on previous learning, build on prior knowledge and link ideas together
  • Specialist vocabulary is taught and built upon and effective questioning to communicate ideas is encouraged.


  • Children will develop skills with tools and have opportunities to put them in real life contexts
  • Children will be able to question ideas, draw on experience and reflect on knowledge.
  • Pupils will make links across various curriculum areas and use their knowledge and skills to enhance work in other areas and solve real life problems independently
  • Children talk positively about their learning in DT.