South Kilvington Church of England Academy, Stockton Road, South Kilvington, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 2LR

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South Kilvington C of E Academy

Proud to be part of Elevate Multi Academy Trust


Our vision for Geography at South Kilvington is to inspire children’s curiosity and interest to explore the world that we live in and its people.


  • Through our teaching, we intend to provoke thought, questions and encourage children to discover answers to their own questions through exploration and research.
  • Children develop a deeper understanding of our world and their place within it.
  • Children will be confident in the geographical skills needed to collect, analyse and communicate with a range of data gathered through experiences of fieldwork that deepen their understanding of geographical processes.
  • Children will develop geographical skills and knowledge through studying places, people and natural and human environments. This seeks in order to deepen their understanding of the Earth’s human and physical forms and processes.


  • The National Curriculum for geography is taught to all year groups.
  • The progression of knowledge and skills framework is used for every year group to ensure coverage is met, the sequence builds on skills and progression is clear.
  • Sequencing of lessons allows for children to connect previously taught knowledge from across the curriculum to new learning in order to help make connections and understand new learning.
  • Trio Time is used to retrieve and reinforce previously taught knowledge in order to consolidate prior learning. It also used as a strategy to assess knowledge.
  • Key vocabulary is shared and discussed at the start of each lesson and revisited in future lessons.
  • Teachers assess and adapt learning for all groups of learners, specifically providing support and challenge for SEND and PP children.
  • The local learning area is fully utilised, providing extensive opportunities to use this space as an extra classroom to enhance teaching and learning in Geography.
  • Links are made to wider areas of the curriculum when they naturally fit to ensure opportunities for pupils to develop their learning in a range of contexts.


  • Children are increasingly independent thinkers and can generate their own questions to study through fieldwork and observation.
  • Outcomes in Geography books evidence a broad and balanced geography curriculum and demonstrate children’s acquisition of identified key knowledge and a progression in skills.
  • Children leave South Kilvington with a solid understanding of some of the diverse people and places in our world.
  • Children will have the knowledge and skills to be able to discuss geographical issues, reflect and form their own opinions on matters such as climate change and natural disasters.
  • Children will be inquisitive young learners and citizens who choose to understand global environmental issues, protecting and shaping the world we share.