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South Kilvington C of E Academy

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At South Kilvington, we believe music is for all and aim to offer a wide variety of musical experiences to encourage a lifelong love of music.


  • Children gain pleasure from a variety of genres of music.
  • Children develop an understanding of musical notation in order to perform compositions.
  • Children develop a deeper understanding of how music was/is created.
  • Children can express themselves creatively and experience a real sense of achievement in performance.



The National Curriculum for music is taught to all year groups through a 3-strand approach:

  •  Listening and Appraising

Children listen to and explore music produced by others and themselves.

They express their ideas and feelings about music and consider its intended effects.

  • Playing and Performing

Children learn to use their voice expressively and move onto singing in a range of styles and forms. They play a range of tuned and un-tuned instruments and take part in performances for a wide range of audiences.

  • Creating and Composing

Children create a variety of music through improvisation and composition, they use their voices and instruments.

  • The progression of knowledge, skills and vocabulary framework is used for every year groups to ensure coverage it met, the sequence builds on skills and progression is clear. 
  • Trio Time is used to retrieve and reinforce previously taught knowledge in order to consolidate prior learning, this is discussed verbally at the start of music lessons.
  • Charanga (our primary music resource) is used to support the delivery of music teaching across school. 
  • Teachers assess and adapt learning for all groups of learners, specifically providing support and challenge for SEND and PP children.
  • Vocabulary is shared, discussed and revisited in lessons and as children progress through school.


  • Pupils will confidently and knowledgably articulate their learning in music.
  • Children will be exposed to a wide range of musical genres.
  • Children will discuss and compare musical pieces and performances.
  • Children will develop their confidence when composing, playing and performing.
Drumba is used to enhance our music curriculum
Drumba is used to enhance our music curriculum