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South Kilvington C of E Academy

Proud to be part of Elevate Multi Academy Trust

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning Principles

The following principles are paramount in the delivery of high impact teaching at South Kilvington. We invest time and training into learning more about these principles to help embed them across every classroom in our school.

Our key aims are to ensure all teaching assistants, teachers and leaders will:

  • Know and understand the Elevate principles for high-impact teaching
  • Appreciate how the principles underpin the KUNCU philosophy
  • Experience the highest-quality professional development to ensure the development of individual and collective confidence and competence around the key principles
  • Be working collectively and collaboratively to embed these principles within every South Kilvington classroom
  • Have access to shared resources which will provide practical suggestions around each principle 
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Teaching and Learning Strategies


Every day we:

Greet every child with a smile

Morning activity prepared and placed on table for every child

Daily timetable on show

Emotional self-registration check in

Silence for registers

Clap to get attention - all attention on the clapper

Use pre teaching as our primary strategy for early targeted support


Personal to each classroom but centred around high expectations and effective systems.

Trio Time

Trio Time is a strategy used to retrieve and reinforce previously taught knowledge to embed this in the children’s long-term memory. Trio Time is used across the curriculum.

Talk Partners 

Our structure for talk partners during inputs:

10 second discussion with a partner - surface level discussion linked to previously taught knowledge

Teacher model perfect answer to children

Modelling shared by teacher

30 second discussion with a partner - deeper level discussion linked to new learning

Independent learning


Our approach to scaffolding is more than just 'modelling'. We ensure children have a solid foundation of knowledge needed to be successful and then support the children through modelling and guiding to ensure they are independent learners.